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MW Super Silent Sound Moderators - Prototype Silencers

Discussion in 'Trade / Commercial sales' started by mattw975, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I have decided that it is time I updated my silencer thread, as after some 16 months of running on the forum & with some 22,000 + views I really felt some more current information for forum users was needed.

    My original batch of prototype silencers are virtually now all gone. I have since standardised on designs & invested in a much more accurate lathe to produce better quality units.

    Essentially I have two designs, these being:

    Design 1 (Original Design):

    These are approx 24mm diameter x 150mm long – Construction is Black Delrin + 3 hair curler baffle sections + baffle washers. Price each = £27.00 (including recorded P&P). These are best suited for pistol application, or where a secondary unit is required (eg Air Arms TX 200 HC).

    Design 2 (MW Super Silent):

    These are approx 30mm diameter x 180mm long – Construction is Black Delrin + 3 hair curler baffle sections + baffle washers. Price each = £35.00 (including recorded P&P). These are similar in size & construction to the Weihrauch & Logun silencers, but weigh only approx 120 Grammes .

    Both Designs can be offered as ½” UNF female threaded or slip on with grub screw to suit a specific barrel diameter. They are suitable for .177, .20 & .22 calibres. Leave a message on this thread or PM me for more details.

    Below is a link to my original silencer thread, with lots of feedback. Should anyone need any further information or want me to provide a reference please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Kind Regards,

    Matt W :up:


    Watch this space, I am also looking at a nice range of high quality 200 mW, focusable IR Laser illuminators for all you Night Vision fans (but these won’t break the bank unlike some !) :cool:
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2011
  2. Titchgamer

    Titchgamer The Great Rat Killer. Staff Member Mod/Admin

    Sounds Intresting ;)

    Can you get ND3 laser designators to!? :p
  3. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    Hi Matt, have you considered reflex moderators at all,
    atb Rich
  4. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    Hi Rich,

    Not really, they are not that easy to make + the reduced volume of the units will never be as effective as a full length design.


    Matt W:up::up:

  5. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    Hi Titch,

    I have asked my mate about ND3 copies & he reckons that they are a bit more complicated.

    My limited understanding of the ND range is they illuminate the target with a green laser that is visible to the human eye. This very powerful light, reflects off the animals eyes at distances upto 250 M & can be focused & aligned with a rifle scope picture.

    The laser illuminator that I am trialling purely emits IR light for a Night Vision Device to detect.

    At an estimate it is good for spotting out to 100 yards & good for accurate shooting out to 40 yards (admittedly only used with my Simmons 1.5-5 x 32 scope). It is great for airgun hunting.

    I have some film footage of it in use, which I need to get on to You Tube when time allows.

    Still trialling it in terms of battery life, etc. However I reckon the 200 mW unit (AA Maglite size) + battery charger & 2 sets of rechargeable batteries will be approx £75 incl recorded PP.

    Take Care,

    Matt W :up:

  6. tankman

    tankman Well-Known Member

    i will try a mk 2, female thread ,thanks colin:up:
  7. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    PM sent to Tankman :up:

  8. jay726

    jay726 Well-Known Member

    Money well spent

    Recieved my MW SS as promised today. On opening the packet i was very impressed not only with the quality of the finish and build but also the lightness of it. Not only that but it was shorter than the current Air Arms model i currently had fitted, which is always a plus.

    So out came my AA S400 and off came the standard model, the MWSS was a very tight fit and took some persuasion to get it on, but once on there it butted up nicely against the barrel shoulder. (with regards to the tight fit i 100% blame that on me rather than Matt's workmanship, as an engineer myself i know how these things are made to very tight tolerences and measuring with a tape measure out of a sewing kit wasn't really the best idea, to this end if you are going to buy one of these try and get hold of a vernier caliper or similar to ensure a perfect fit)

    Next came the feild test (AKA as the back garden). I popped on the old Air arms model again and rattled of 20 or so shots down the garden to get used to the noise level. Reffiting the MWSS and doing the same i instantly noted not only a drop in noise level but more noticabley a much softer tone to the noise that was produced, so all in all an improvement. Whilst not a scientific test by any means i'm amazed by the improvement made over the old AA model, if i can hear (or not in this case;)) a major improvement from a firer's point, then down field then that improvement will be massive.

    I will quite happily recommend one of these to anyone and i'm sure you will not be dissapointed, for the money you can't go wrong.

    Attached Files:

  9. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave the feedback & photos.

    Glad you like it.

    Take Care,

    Matt W:up:

  10. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    All PM's replied to thanks guys !!!
  11. Wayupnorth

    Wayupnorth Honorary Member

    Sticky time expired

    Free Bump
  12. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Marco
  13. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    All PM's replied to guys.
  14. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    All PM's replied to thanks
  15. Relin

    Relin Former Mod

    Little Kingshill
    Got anything suitable for a .22 rimmie mate?
  16. ratman60

    ratman60 Well-Known Member

    oh that will be interesting matt, 200nw and focusable if it is going to be part of a nv scope set up thats a good few mtrs of vision.
  17. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    Sorry mate, strictly sub 12 FPE only.

  18. Jackal

    Jackal Well-Known Member


    Could the barrel end be tapered to give it a less 'bean can' look?

  19. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    Abso-bloody lutely.

    Tapered or Parallel bodied is not a problem.


    Matt W :up:

  20. mattw975

    mattw975 Well-Known Member

    PM's replied to

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