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Blair is fighting for YOUR right to change your mind.

Discussion in 'General chit chat' started by tinmanofkent, Feb 17, 2017.


On the possibility of another vote:

  1. I'm pro Brexit and want a second vote

    1 vote(s)
  2. I'm pro Brexit and stand by the result

    61 vote(s)
  3. I'm anti Brexit and want a second vote

    3 vote(s)
  4. I'm anti Brexit and stand by the result

    8 vote(s)
  1. tinmanofkent

    tinmanofkent God

    The BBC (feel free to hiss and boo folks) are giving a lot of air time to the champion of the people's rights Tony Blair (cheer if you wish).

    Blair believes that the good British people have not understood what they voted for in the Brexit and now wishes to fight to the end to give the good people another ballot to correct their poor choice.

    I guess the brexit vote was unique in elections because normally EVERYTHING promised in an election is perfectly delivered, we all know that.

    Now this isn't another devisive Brexit thread. What I'm interested in is what people think of Blair's proposition and his motives.

    Personally I think Blair is a rotten apple who is worried about falling of the EU cart that surely must be keeping him comfy.

    Once again folks, please keep attacks for pro and anti Brexit off the thread, declare your position if relevant but I want to know if a re-run is just or necessary.
  2. ukglyn

    ukglyn Donator

    The minute that a 2nd referendum is approved democracy has gone for ever! The people voted, now we all, including the government, have to stand by the decision. If this is over ruled the flood gates are wide open. Before we know it there will be an election & if the torys loose they will want a 2nd vote.

    Democracy does not work that way.
  3. Jackroadkill

    Jackroadkill Twll tin i chi gyd

    What about options in the poll to say "I'm ambivalent" and whether or not you'd choose another vote?
  4. dodgyeye

    dodgyeye Well-Known Member

    Not just nor necessary. Purely because there was ample opportunity for amendments to be tabled to the basic premise of the vote, prior to the vote. But no one did and that premise was no re-run and the result would be binding.
  5. tinmanofkent

    tinmanofkent God

    But second referendums are commonplace in Europe, it wouldn't be the first time if Blair gets his way.
  6. tinmanofkent

    tinmanofkent God

    You have the power to add that option so pop it in if you like. Then again, if you don't care to vote - don't.
  7. rynner

    rynner Well-Known Member

    after his sparkling success as middle east peace envoy it is time for mr blair to put his undoubted talents to other uses,sometimes i wonder if 'tone' is just a conduit through which a greater power is at work.
    or maybe the syrian sun has fried his brains
  8. Andy-K2

    Andy-K2 It's that bad, I've gone fishing.

    Lets just keep calling a referendum until we get the results we want. The pro's won the election, lets just get on with it, Im sick and tired of the excuses of the pound/fuel/Shopping etc being blamed on Brexit. Move on.
  9. tinmanofkent

    tinmanofkent God

    I'm just wondering. Would anybody change the way they voted?
  10. rynner

    rynner Well-Known Member

    i voted in your poll but have now changed my mind,can you do another one please
  11. Gunfun

    Gunfun Well-Known Member

    Politicians being unable to organise a political referendum is like drinkers being unable to organise a pi** up in a brewery, they don't deserve to be in office let alone get another referendum, it would be funny as it's so pathetic but these type of people are running our lives.
  12. Hans Free

    Hans Free Well-Known Member

    The EU can be a fabulous gravy train for the likes of Blair ,Kinnocks etc I think many politicians rely on the EU as a crutch they don't have confidence in the country to go it alone .
    I voted Brexit and I haven't changed my mind and I have to laugh when Brexit is blamed for any calamity that occurs such as restraunts closing etc
  13. rich79

    rich79 Well-Known Member

    Like I need advice on decision making from a bloke who chose to marry letterbox gob!
  14. Rob-GB

    Rob-GB Well-Known Member

    That man's ego has no boundary, a bit like Tom Cruise playing the role of Jack Reacher only Tom never caused harm to real people.
    Can we do a re-vote on the the general election that let that grinning idiot become P.M. ?
  15. mrbedlington

    mrbedlington Well-Known Member

    Who on earth does Mr Blair think he is? the Man who lied through his teeth on Iraq a know War crimminal, I wouldn't be surprised he wants to stay in Europe when the UK no longer as to comply with Brussels and the Human rights bill and their laws, there will be a excellent chance we could impeach Blair and charge him with mass murder when we have control of our own laws.
  16. doddshaun87

    doddshaun87 Well-Known Member

    No. I want my country back. Years ago we were proud of our country. I'm sick to death of some / most of our laws being made by people who don't give a crap about our country. I'll stop here as I get passionate about my country and it makes me angry when I talk about Brexit haha

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  17. doddshaun87

    doddshaun87 Well-Known Member

    Well said. How I feel also

    Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  18. dancza

    dancza Member of the 97 master race.

    I'm pro Brexit and I stand by the results of the referendum in the same way that if the majority voted stay I'd stand by their decision.

    All these hissy fits because some didn't get the results they wanted are ridiculous.
  19. jesim1

    jesim1 Well-Known Member

    Wigan/St Helens
    Regardless of your stance on this - it's an example of a politician getting an answer, not liking it, and wanting another more favourable answer! We could have these votes again and again by each side as they too and fro not getting the result they want - but it's done and dusted, the people spoke, and if they did not vote that was their decision, and if they did not understand the vote then they should not have voted - I'm so fed up of it always being someone's fault and some people not accepting accountability for their own actions/lack of them.

    Right - who votes we go for a coffee! :eek:

  20. JoeHeugh

    JoeHeugh Well-Known Member

    North East
    Blair has missed the bus. I have seen no evidence of a change of opinion and I suspect more will move into the Brexit camp later in the year when the EUs handling of Greece and the march to war in Ukraine turn into a morbid fiasco. The potential aftermath of a swan song from Merkel would also prove interesting.

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