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ASG Dan Wesson revolver

Discussion in 'Air Pistols' started by Ludford, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Ludford

    Ludford Active Member

    Has anyone got one of these? What's it like to fire?

    How accurate is it with only being metal BB instead of pellet? I mainly fire over 20 yards would it be ok at this range?

    I'm thinking of getting one. I like the way it uses fake cartridges to hold the BB.

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  2. andyz1000

    andyz1000 Banned

    pembrey burry port
    i had one of the 4" dan wessons and it was great fun but not very accurate
    you would be better off getting the umarex s+w 586/686 for that sort of distance
  3. Ludford

    Ludford Active Member

    Do you reckon I could find one of those second hand for around £100?
  4. dahaloguy

    dahaloguy New Member

    If you were interested in firing pellets out of a dan wesson, I've seen that someone on the UBC has managed to convert his dan wesson cartridges to hold pellets and installed a rifle barrel for better accuracy. The last time I saw that thread he was also offering to do cartridge conversions for people quite cheaply.
    If you want I can send you a link.


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