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ADMIN Forum Warning?????

Discussion in 'Forum software help' started by Andy-K2, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Andy-K2

    Andy-K2 It's that bad, I've gone fishing.


    When logging in to this fine forum I get a message as a webpage warning that this site has been reported unsafe from huddersfieldvegman.co.uk I keep my laptop clean with CCleaner and Regedit so I am not sure what is going on but this is the only link it happens to?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you
  2. PumpnGun

    PumpnGun Donator

    Central London
    I get this too

  3. Jim-in-Darwen

    Jim-in-Darwen Well-Known Member

    Darwen Lancashire
    Have you got W.O.T. (Web of Trust) on your computer?
    If so remove it as it will be that which has generated the message in real time.
    It will have done so as a result of just a single bad report.

  4. GMballistic

    GMballistic Well-Known Member

    South Wales
    FYI I'm pretty sure you should of posted this in the "Community Related" area, sub forum; "Forum software help".

    I don't get any warnings logging on. ;)
  5. Jim-in-Darwen

    Jim-in-Darwen Well-Known Member

    Darwen Lancashire
    Maybe so if it was forum software related but it is clearly not or all would get the warning.
    I have never come across any forum software that warns users about using itself ;).
    This message they get will be down to some other third party software such as WOT whose intention is to stop users from going to sites that have been reported as being dangerous for one reason or another, (ie dangerous for children, phishing, viruses etc)
    If you look at the OP's post stating that someone had reported the site with a username maybe indicating vegan then they may well object due to hunting. Even if they can't see the contents of the forum they know it is there.

  6. BiggaJ

    BiggaJ Well-Known Member

    Very strange, I have never had any warnings logging I to this site.
  7. david3392

    david3392 Well-Known Member

    I have no problems accessing any part of the forum on my iPad. However if I use my laptop I get a barrage of pop-up warnings the second I try to access the sales section.

    This is very frustrating as I have to go through a lengthy disablng process to load photos etc. This has only occurred since I loaded Windows 10, by the way.
  8. monsta41

    monsta41 One armed shooter Donator

    Basildon essex
    no problems here with any part of the forum, win 10 and im running eset nod32
  9. terry1001

    terry1001 Well-Known Member

    I noticed yesterday when I tried using Microsoft Edge instead of Firefox that the page loaded with the message 'UNSAFE WEBSITE' at the top but no explanation. It must be flagged somewhere probably as a rsult of an anti complaining.
  10. That hurts

    That hurts Well-Known Member

    Download AdBlock Plus :up:

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