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Feb 19, 2018 at 12:16 PM
Oct 12, 2009
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The Great Rat Killer., from Telford

Staff Member Mod/Admin
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[On Tapatalk]Viewing forum list, Feb 19, 2018 at 12:16 PM
    1. jimwise68
      Is there a secret codeword or handshake to retrieve the password for the adult section?
    2. rammy
      Sorry! Please remove my sale of the illuminator as I have it for sale elsewhere. I should learn to read!
    3. PandaMan
      Titch, you got anything in the post yet? Should have arrived by now...
    4. jolo-bolo
      Titch the umarex beretta for sale on here is on gunstar as well both went on about same time
    5. Dunkman
      Hi there

      Can you delete the post by JayJay thanking me for doing the work on his B2. I'm not an RFD, just a bloke handy with guns who does tunes/strips for mates etc. I can't really do work for money on the forum as that means I need to be an RFD:(

      I might have to knock on the head doing guns for forum members for now. I can stil tune Rekord/AA triggers though.


    6. Gizza22196
      hi mate, just wondering if im allowed put an ad in the wanted section for my dad as he is looking for a rifle, thought id best ask because of being a junior member
    7. steevie dan
      steevie dan
      Hi Titch i was wondering if we have a member map on here or if not could we consider having one. It would be nice to know at a glance if there is anyone else in our area. It would also help when looking for something in the sales section if we could see at a glance where the item is, and if it is possible for us to travel to location. On another forum that i use we have a member map using google map have a look here to give you an idea of what i mean http://www.verminhunter.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5993 Thanks Titch. Steve I have also sent this to John to have a look at.
    8. Ash168
      Cheers. Make new price £130.00 + £10.00 post

      If I want to reduce it again I assume there is no way to do it myself?

    9. Ash168
      I would like to edit the original post in my sales thread in order to drop the price, but I can't see how I can do so. Ideally I would also like to add the 'reduced' tag that is an option when originally authoring the thread. If you could give me a heads up on how to do the aforementioned that would be great.
    10. seadooltd
      thanks for that cheers
    11. seadooltd
      hi there could you send a message to the idiot thats trying to sabotage my add tyler02 my gun is in mint cond he is trying to mess my sale up hoping that i will sell it to him for the silly offer that he has offered
    12. rat-sniper73
      u need to involved in this
    13. hologram1954
      Can you tell me how I can have my item stickied i payed as premium member not sure what to do now..

    14. manclad
      thanks for keeping a watch over my listings titch
      good to know you are there:up:
    15. rammy
      Titch,1000 apologys Ive posted my rifle twice:mad:
    16. rammy
      Tich sorry to bother you, I am unsure if my sales post went through or the procedure to check it, could you help. Thanks Rammy
    17. Night Shooter
      Night Shooter
      Hi, can you possibly clean up my thread on the sales forum or even better delete it and il re-post as its gettin clutered, cheers and regards james
    18. kyle99
      mate is there any way you can find out if someone has used two names etc and are the same person?
    19. Rick the ratcatcher
      Rick the ratcatcher
      Also my pro blocks don't move at all unless i loosen them so don't think its that just thinks its a crap scope.
    20. Rick the ratcatcher
      Rick the ratcatcher
      Hi did you ever have problems zeroing the standerd ratcatcher scope ?
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    Theoben Rapid 12 .22 FAC
    Armex x10 Avenger .22
    AA S410 Carbine .22
    HW97K V-mach'd
    Theoben Evolution .22
    Brocock Super 6 XL .177
    Benjamin Discovery (mod'd + FAC) .22
    Brocock ME .38 Magnum .22
    Webley Xocet (Carbine) .22
    Webley Ranger .177
    Beretta 92FS .177
    S&W 78G
    Walther CP88 Competition .177
    2 x HW45 .22 + .177
    Webley Alecto .177
    S&W 686 .177
    BSA 240 Magnum .177


    Shot Many 0000's of Rats, Shame very few ever lived long enough to tell the tale of the great rat killer
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